VilaWeb boycotts Qatar 2022

As protest against human rights attacks by the Arab authoritarian regime

21.11.2022 - 13:19

La premsa lliure no la paga el govern, la paguen els lectors

Fes-te de VilaWeb, fem-nos lliures

VilaWeb has changed the newspaper’s logo and slogan to incorporate the call to boycott Qatar 2022. The newspaper will not write any news related to the sporting event and will only publish texts about the protests or to explain how Qatar bribed FIFA to hold this World Cup and how the construction of the stadiums has caused thousands of deaths among Asian workers, who have been treated following the infamous kafala labor regime.

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La premsa lliure no la paga el govern. La paguem els lectors.

Fes-te de VilaWeb, fem-nos lliures.

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