Now it’s official: the Catalan-Russian conspiracy was nothing but a political lie.

  • The end of the judicial journey allows us to say that no one has managed to find anything, not the slightest connection, not the slightest evidence, not even the slightest hint.

Vicent Partal
05.06.2024 - 10:44

It was known that it was. That it was all a big lie. It was known that there was no Russian plot connecting the Catalan government or President Puigdemont’s inner circle to Putin’s Russia.

It was perfectly known that the hypothetical “evidence” being circulated among judges and journalists was, at best, a misunderstanding and, at worst, an outright fabrication.

It was known, in short, that it would all come to nothing. And that’s exactly what has happened.

This outcome is due to the Barcelona Court’s unusual decision yesterday, ordering the judge Joaquín Aguirre to either bring the so-called Volhov case to trial or close it completely. Now.

The court annulled the extension of the investigation that Judge Joaquín Aguirre had decided in August 2023 and ordered him to either send the case to trial, based on the evidence gathered so far—which amounts to nothing—or to definitively archive it.

Moreover, the resolution implies the nullity of all proceedings the judge has carried out since August 2023.

This is, without a doubt, a serious blow for a case that has filled pages and pages of propaganda without having any kind of real basis.

Aguirre will not dare to bring the case to trial because he has nothing. No evidence of anything.

Therefore, we can already state that the Russian plot was simply an interested lie.

Lies were the “indications” the judge claimed to have, which he used to maintain the confidentiality of the case, conduct prospective investigations, and keep arresting and investigating people.

Lies were the fabricated articles in Catalan and international newspapers.

El Periódico, in particular, has once again shone, blinded by its Spanish nationalist prejudices. Since the famous “The Nota,” it has not slipped professionally to the extent it has now.

Lies were the conferences, presentations, congresses, debates, talk shows, and various activities that supposed researchers and international experts have used in various continents over these years only to discredit Catalan independence—some even being aware that the data they had was not credible.

And lies were all the dirty insinuations from those politicians who have dedicated themselves to giving weight to a topic that should never have existed, which is a non-story.

Lies were the surreal motions that the PP and the far-right Europeans presented in Brussels.

Lies were the words of the Spanish governments and politicians — from Pedro Sánchez himself, who now complains about the ‘lies’ regarding his wife’s corruption

Lies, by the way, was the famous insinuation from Gabriel Rufián, who had one of his worst days when he humorously spoke in Madrid about the “gentlemen” playing 007 in Moscow…

All this filth, of course, will not disappear now. It has been recorded and will continue to be used for years with the real intention for which it was created: to discredit the Catalan democratic independence movement, whether it was true or not.

However, the end of the judicial journey does allow us to stop it from now on, presenting an indisputable reality: after three years and eight months of a judicial investigation, with all the material resources—legal and illegal—of the state behind it, no one has managed to find anything, not the slightest connection, not the slightest proof, not even the slightest indication.

It was just dirty war.


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