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Dimarts  29.04.2014  20:07

Autor/s: Liz Castro

Carme Teixidó: "If our coffers are full, we can keep functioning as a country"

Catalan fiscal sovereignty activist has found the 'perfect legal loophole' to allow people, businesses and institutions to file their tax returns with the Catalan government instead of the Spanish one.


Carme Teixidó is a businesswoman who has figured out a way to legally commit 'fiscal disobedience' in order to assert Catalonia's fiscal sovereignty. In 2010 she began Ara o Mai (Now or Never) in the aftermath of the Constitutional Court ruling that stripped the new Catalan Statute of Autonomy of some of its key provisions. Ara o Mai's first project was presenting a unitary candidacy for the 2010 fall general elections. Teixidó explains in the following interview how she figured out a legal loophole for filing tax returns with the Catalan Government instead of the Spanish one, a method which she promotes as spokesperson for Catalunya Diu Prou (Catalonia says enough).

The interview was simultaneously translated and transmitted in Catalan, thanks to #EstherRoig and later translated to German thanks to Monika Jorda Ferré and Blandine Giraud did the French. Other languages to follow. You can always find all of the available versions on CatalanTalk.com