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Dimarts  27.11.2012  20:00

[VIDEO] Mapping the Catalan Election results. Pro-referendum parties win.

VilaWeb's director, Vicent Partal, explains all figures related to the election results in reference to the catalan pro-independence process


Catalan parliamentary elections on 25th November clearly left a favorable outcome to the pro-independence process that started with the big demonstration that took place in Barcelona on the 11th September. To understand the impact of these results, correlated with sovereignists and unionists forces, we have prepared a video that shows them graphically, with the analysis of VilaWeb's director, Vicent Partal.


Vegeu el mapa electoral del sobiranisme, poble a poble.

Més informació: Els partits sobiranistes sumen 344.735 vots més que no al 2010