Ballot boxes inside cages to report Spanish suspension of Catalan vote

  • Campaigners state that 'no political equilibrium can justify such a prohibition'

30.09.2014 - 17:24

La premsa lliure no la paga el govern, la paguen els lectors

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One day after the Spanish Constitutional Court, at the behest of the Spanish government, suspended the law of non-binding referendums approved by the Parliament of Catalonia and the decree convening the November 9th independence consultation, a group of private citizens have started the campaign #Mutsialagabia [#SilencedandCaged]. According to the campaign’s manifesto, the objective is ‘to call attention to this profoundly serious situation with a symbolic gesture: leaving ballot boxes inside cages throughout our cities and towns’. Imagination to contest Spanish state powers legal decisions.

The group pretends to report that ‘prohibiting the referendum is to hijack citizen consensus and imprison our fundamental liberties. No political equilibrium can justify such a prohibition’.

Besides, promoters encourage citizens to join the campaign by hanging similar cages from their balconies, windows, and terraces, with a ballot or ballot box inside, ‘so that the collective memory of the day that our democratic freedoms were prohibited and imprisoned will never be erased’.


La premsa lliure no la paga el govern. La paguem els lectors.

Fes-te de VilaWeb, fem-nos lliures.

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