VilaWeb / Catalan News Agency

VilaWeb / Catalan News Agency

Council of Europe includes police violence during Catalan referendum in human rights annual report

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland remembers that they complained to Spanish Minister by letter and expressed concern about disproportionate use of force


Quim Torra, elected 131st President of Catalonia

The Spanish government has succeeded in impeding exiled Carles Puigdemont to be elected


Quim Torra, new candidate for president of Catalonia

Puigdemont chooses a lawyer, writer and activist for the post - the swearing in unlikely to be challenged


Spain is ‘obstructing’ investigation on police violence in Catalonia, says Amnesty International

NGO warns case against crackdown on independence referendum hindered by prosecutor and Ministry of Interior


Juncker insists dialogue is needed to solve Catalan crisis

European Commission president says mediation would only be possible if Spain asks for it


Puigdemont to announce presidential candidate shortly

Despite winning the December election, Catalan president is not allowed to swear in from Berlin where he is in exile


European Commission looking into concerns about ‘rights regression’ in Catalonia

EU head of Justice, Věra Jourová, will “respond” to request by European Free Alliance party


Spain to keep nobility title honouring dictator Francisco Franco

Spanish Justice minister says it is only an "honorary title"


Over 10.000 postcards to Finland in solidarity with Catalonia

A Catalan artist living in the Nordic country will turn the correspondence into a work of art


Spanish Supreme Court unable to prove charge of misuse of funds before German court

Spanish treasury minister said that no public money was used neither for the referendum nor its preparation


Spain fails to implement anti-corruption measures

None of the eleven recommendations by the Council of Europe from 2013 has been fully completed


Catalan teachers singled out after hate speech accusations

Education council denounces “public lynching” of educators in Sant Andreu de la Barca


Spanish journalists denounce manipulation and censorship of TVE

In a meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels


FC Barcelona protests over confiscated yellow t-shirts at Copa del Rey final

Law association considers it a severe violation of fundamental rights


Catalonia celebrates St Jordi's Day with books and roses

About 1.5 million books and 7 million roses will be sold today


EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform presented in Barcelona

Spokesman of MEP group says Spain wants to "humiliate" Catalan leaders by imprisoning them


Chomsky among top academics calling for immediate release of Catalan political prisoners

Scholars from over a hundred universities sign a letter against the “repression representing a permanent stain on European democracy"


Spain's Supreme Court criticises German justice and insists on violence factor

Spanish court may seek now Puigdemont’s extradition for sedition


Catalan Parliament president to take "violation of fundamental rights" to UN

Roger Torrent travels to Geneva after Spanish Supreme Court prevents again swearing-in of jailed MP


PP secretary general: pro-independence movement comparable to ‘dictatorship’

On a day that hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Barcelona in support of pro-independence officials, PP and PSOE condemned the movement


Hundreds of thousands protest in Barcelona for release of political prisoners

Police figures show 315,000 protesters took to the streets, while organizers state that attendance is at 750,000


‘I don't know how they paid for the ballot boxes, but not with public funds’

Spanish Treasury minister again confirms Catalan government did not pay for referendum despite officials being prosecuted for misuse of funds


Jailed VP defends Catalan self-determination in court

Oriol Junqueras tells judge that organizing referendum is no crime and “not a cent” of public money was used


Mass demonstration in Barcelona against political imprisonments

More than 800 buses confirmed to bring protesters from all over Catalonia


Spanish police raids Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia

Diplocat's former official qualifies it as "propaganda operation by Madrid government"