Catalonia mobilizes Saturday for demonstration in favor of Catalan schooling

13.06.2014 - 12:26

La premsa lliure no la paga el govern, la paguen els lectors

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Som Escola [We are the schools] organization has called a demonstration Saturday at 6pm in defense of the Catalan school system. The march will begin at 6pm, and will take the form of a “cercavila” or “community parade around the town”, with the slogan Per un país de tots, decidim escola catalana “For a country for everyone, we say Catalan Schooling”. Som Escola wants Catalans to come out on the streets to reaffirm their support for the linguistic immersion school model and to protest the LOMCE, or Wert Law, and the rulings from the Spanish Supreme Court which question the role of the Catalan language as the language of instruction in the schools of Catalonia.

Who has called the march?

The march was called by Som Escola, a consortium of forty-three civic and cultural organizations, mostly in the educational sector. Some members are Esplais Catalans [Catalan recreational groups], the Institut d’Estudis Catalans [Institute of Catalan Studies], Òmnium Cultural, Bressola, PEN Català, Platforma per la Llengua, CAL, CIEMEN, USTEC, CCOO, UGT, SEPC…

Escola Valencian [Valencian Schools] and Assemblea de Docents [Teacher’s Assembly of the Balearic Islands] announced on May 25th in an appearance with Som Escola in front of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia that they would also participate.

Where will the march go?
The march begins at the intersection of Passeig Sant Joan and Gran Via, in Plaça Tetuan, and will end in Passeig de Lluís Companys, in front of Ciutadella Park.

How will the march end?
With a reading of the manifesto and with performances by Macedònia, the clown Tortelli Poltrona, Gospel Gràcia, Mortimers, and Lax’n’Busto. The actor Quim Masferrer will be the emcee during the event on the Passeig de Lluís Companys.

Do you have to sign up?
No. Although Som Escola created a form for participants, it’s only for the organizers to get an idea of who will be there. You don’t have to sign up—as a volunteer—to help with organizing.

T-shirts, giants, and capgrossos (big heads)
Som Escola has designed a green t-shirt to wear to the march. You can buy it here or at the VilaWeb store, which will be open on Saturday from 11am to 3pm.

Som Escola confirmed the participation of twenty percussion groups, ten street theater groups, forty groups of gegants (giants), twenty “popular beasts” and fifty school giants. There will also be dozens of capgrossos (giant paper maché heads) from all of the country. Indeed, the organizers have encouraged individuals to create and wear their own homemade capgrossos, and explain just how it’s done.

What will the weather be like?
It looks like it will be a sunny, hot day.

What’s the best way to get to the march?
The closest metro station is Tetuan (L2, purple). The Girona stop is also relatively close (L4, yellow). The closest train station is Arc de Triomf (L1, red line and R1 R3 R4 commuter lines).

You can also travel to the demonstration via one of the buses that have been organized from various locations throughout the country.


La premsa lliure no la paga el govern. La paguem els lectors.

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