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Autor/s: Liz Castro

Muriel Casals: "Human towers are a symbolic way to show our ability to come together for a common cause"

The group used crowdfunding to raise 130,000 euros thanks to more than 3500 contributions


Muriel Casals, the president of the veteran Catalan cultural association, Òmnium Cultural, talked with us on #CatalanTalk today. She told us about Human Towers for Democracy, Òmnium's collaborative effort with 71 Catalan human tower teams who will build castles in 8 EU capitals, more than 40 Catalan cities and towns, as well as in Montreal, Santiago (Chile) and Pamplona (in the Basque Country). Casals explained why they've focused on Europe and how they managed to get 5000 human tower builders spread around the world—as well as just why it was so important to send out their message.

You can see the towers yourselves on Sunday at noon in Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Paris, Rome, and in several locations in Barcelona. There will also be human towers for democracy in Gant (Belgium), Laussane (Switzerland), Montreal (Québec), Pamplona/Iruña (Basque Country), Santiago (Chile) and in more than 40 Catalan towns and cities. You can find a full list here.  

Finally, you can follow the event online with the Twitter hashtag #CatalansWantToVote. There will be lots of pictures of castles!

Here is the full interview.