Dimarts  20.05.2014  13:04

Liz Castro to explain CatalanTalk in Rotterdam, Thursday May 22


How do you introduce the world to a people? That is the question that Liz Castro has tried to tackle in her CatalanTalk series of interviews, held on Twitter weekly, and published in up to seven languages, thanks to the help of a dedicated team of translators.

Castro will explain the concept of CatalanTalk interviews as part of the Off the Press: Electronic Publishing in the Arts conference to be held Thursday and Friday, May 21-22 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The section on CatalanTalk takes place Thursday at 11am.

Castro will explain the motivation behind the series, as well as the technical innovations used to carry it out, from the creation of multiple Twitter accounts, the collection of each language stream of Tweets into an individual Storify archive, and the conversion of those Storify files into EPUB ebook format and eventually print, thanks to a combination of InDesign, XML, and XSLT.