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Dimarts  18.02.2014  16:23

Jaume Cabré: Normally when I write, I don't know where I'm headed

Interview with one of Catalonia's best kept secrets, worldwide bestselling novelist, Jaume Cabré


Jaume Cabré's collection of short stories, Winter Journey, was published a few years by Swan Isle Press and his latest novel, 'Confessions', will be published by Arcadia Books in the fall. But today, his work—though on bestseller lists all over Europe—is not yet well known to English-reading audiences. VilaWeb offers a short story as a very first taste of Cabré's work and style and interviewed Jaume Cabré on #CatalanTalkEN (in English) on February 18.

In the interview, Cabré explains how he creates his thousand-page books as he goes along. 'Confessions' [Jo confesso] began with a character that was part inquisitor, part Nazi hierarch, but as the book evolved, Cabré focused on a different character: Adrià Ardèvol.

Cabré also talks about his view of Europe, his roles in the Catalan independence process, and the effect that his highschool students had on his work. A fascinating interview!

VilaWeb also offers its readers one of Jaume Cabré's short stories, Pandora, specially translated for this interview.

The English version of the interview is reproduced below. It is also available in Catalan (thanks to Esther Roig), Spanish (thanks to Rodolf Gimeno), Italian (Thanks to Alastair Spearing), German (thanks to Monika Ferré Jordà), Dutch (thanks to Laura de Haan) and French (thanks Blandine Giraud). You can find all of the different versions, and indeed all of the #CatalanTalk interviews at CatalanTalk.com