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Dimarts  25.03.2014  17:29

Autor/s: Liz Castro

Roger Buch explains PP's anti-Catalan policies

He will talk about his new book "Asfixiant la llengua" (Smothering the language), a chronicle of the ruling PP's strategies for undermining and marginalizing the Catalan language in the Spanish State.


Roger Buch is a Professor of Political Science at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He is an expert in history and in pro-independence political parties in Catalonia. He has a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has written several books, including L’esquerra independentista avui [Today’s Pro-Independence Left] and L’herència del PSAN [PSAN’s legacy]. He also wrote a chapter for my "What's up with Catalonia?" on the CUP.

His latest book is "Asfixiant la llengua" (Smothering the language) an account of the ruling PP's policies to undermine and marginalize the Catalan language in the Spanish State.

We spoke with him on Twitter (with the #CatalanTalk hashtag) on Tuesday. You can find the translated versions of this interview (in Catalan, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch) on CatalanTalk.com.