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Dimecres  26.02.2014  10:12

Autor/s: Liz Castro

High school kids use technology for Barcelona-wide scavenger hunt

They'll combine maps, mobile phones, QR codes and more as they visit landmarks all over the city


400 kids from six high schools in central Catalonia will undertake a massive scavenger hunt throughout Barcelona today—coinciding with the Mobile World Congress underway—to test their knowledge of the city's geography and resources using both traditional technologies like maps and new tools like mobile internet, geolocation, social networks, QR codes, augmented reality, and more.

The project is called "Barcelonada" and is organized by the LaceNet network. Each school group gets a set of five destination cards that include a QR code, the destination's address and its coordinates. The kids then set off on public transportation, with their mobile devices as an aid, to find the destination. Once they find the target, they photograph themselves there, and post the evidence on Instagram with the #BCNada14 hashtag.

It's not a race, though. The kids will be evaluated according to a set of criteria which value their preparation, efficient use of public transportation, documentation once they've found the sites, punctuality at the beginning and end of the event, and their attitude.

The kids will visit some of Barcelona's most famous landmarks, including the recently renovated Hospital de Sant Pau, the Born Cultural Center, and the Fountains at Montjuïc.

You can follow the students' process with the #BCNada14 hashtag, either on Twitter or Instagram, on their website (in Catalan) or on the map below:

(One of the schools completed the event on Tuesday.)

The participating schools are INS Cal Gravat, INS Pius Font i Quer, INS Lluís de Peguera i INS Guillem Catà (Manresa), INS Llobregat (Sallent), INS Quercus i SINS Cardener (St. Joan de Vilatorrada), INS Castellet (St. Vicenç de Castellet).