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Dimarts  22.04.2014  12:51

Autor/s: Liz Castro

Sant Jordi in New York City

Adina Levin, the Catalan Institue of America's new Executive Director, joins us for a #CatalanTalk


Adina Levin is the new Executive Director of the Catalan Institute of America, tasked with managing communication, events, and outreach for the New York City-based organization. The Institute's mission is to strengthen bonds between Catalonia and the United States by celebrating Catalan language, culture, and heritage in the Catalan-American community. Adina has a background in advertising and marketing. She lived with a family in Argentona, and later learned Catalan at Columbia Univeristy in New York, before finally getting her Level C1 certificate. She says the more she learned, the more she wanted to get involved.

She spoke to us on Twitter with #CatalanTalk on Tuesday. You can read the Catalan language version of the interview at #CatalanTalkCA. Other translated versions will be available later in the day, and you can find them at http://www.catalantalk.com

(There are Sant Jordi events scheduled all over the world. Just in the US, there are events in Washington DC, Boston, Amherst, MA, UC Davis and Los Angeles, CA, and many others, including New York's.)