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Learning with Cavall Fort

The 'Timbaler' has been Kidnapped!

A Little Bit of Everything

Magazines for Children and Young Adults

dimarts, 30 de setembre de 2003
The very first edition of Cavall Fort went on sale on December 6th, 1961. Aimed at children age nine to fifteen, the magazine would eventually become a reference in literature for children and young adults. Well, this coming March, the legendary magazine will publish edition number…one thousand!

Cavall Fort was a very bold magazine right from the start; if you keep in mind the fact that it was founded right in the middle of Franco's dictatorship, which didn't fool around when it came to suppressing the Catalan language and culture.

As a result of that initial audacity, thousands of children were able to entertain and educate themselves in Catalan at a time when use of the language was forbidden in schools. Both the young and the not-so-young were able to enjoy the adventures of Jep and Fidel, the Patrulla dels Castors (the Beaver Patrol), Jan and Trencapins, and the wizard Ot el Bruixot. Kids would excitedly await the arrival of each new edition, published bi-monthly.

However, the creators of Cavall Fort were not to be commended for simply publishing in Catalan. They were also deserving of recognition for having produced a quality magazine, which featured the collaboration of many well-known writers, including Pere Calders, Josep Vallverdú and Guillem Viladot.

So now, in addition to boasting a fantastic webpage that has been up and running since 1999, the magazine, in celebration of the one-thousandth edition, has come up with an awesome game which we shall explain in detail in the next paragraph.

The 'Timbaler' has been Kidnapped!

+ Cavall Fort celebrates the one-thousandth edition with a game.
If you want to participate in the game, you'll have to sharpen your wits and use your best detective skills, as it appears that Timbaler, the character of the Kettledrummer created by cartoonist Cesc, has disappeared from Cavall Fort. Nobody seems to know anything. And the only thing we do know are the clues that are given by the kidnapper in a letter he sends by mail every fifteen days. Faced with this unanticipated event, one of the magazine's detectives, Maurici Bonull, has asked for readers to assist them in unraveling the mystery. So how does the game work? It's quite simple. You have to read the kidnapper’s letter very carefully and then respond to Maurici Bonull's question. If you answer correctly, you will have the chance to choose from among a number of fantastic prizes, awarded bi-monthly. Simply click here to find out about all the details of this exciting game.

A Little Bit of Everything

+ Cavall fort has many different sections.
Don't think that the only thing you'll find in Cavall Fort are games. Yes, there are games of all sorts, such as crosswords, riddles and additional games that consist of pairing up images or completing commonly known phrases. And yet both the published version of the magazine and the on-line edition contain a whole lot more. There are stories, comics, information sections and sections calling for reader participation, contests, activities…, all brought together in one magazine, so that you can learn and have fun at the same time. You'll also find news items and a culture and leisure agenda as well. What's more, if you check out the magazine web page, you can access the 'El Relligat' section, that features past editions of the magazine, published throughout the course of the previous year. So, go check it out!

Magazines for Children and Young Adults

+ Tretzevents, the oldest magazine published in Catalan.
In addition to Cavall Fort, one of the most well-known magazines, and the oldest among those published in Catalan is Tretzevents. Dedicated to younger readers, it features topics in science, literature, geography, history, cinema, and current events…But that’s not the only one; in today's world, there are a whole pile of magazines for kids and young people…Here's a small sample: Cucafera, one option available for youngsters to learn while learning to read; the Revista dels Súpers, dedicated to members of the Club Super3 K3 TV program; Esquitx, the only Catalan magazine published in the Balearic Islands; and Cornabou, an on-line publication that specializes in literature.


  • Cavall Fort
    Versió electrònica de la revista Cavall Fort. Permet de consultar les edicions publicades durant el darrer any.
  • 'El segrest del timbaler'
    Joc ideat per a celebrar la publicació del número 1.000 de Cavall Fort, el març vinent.
  • Va de llibres
    Pàgina del portal educatiu Edu365 dedicat als llibres. Realitzada en col·laboració amb Cavall Fort, inclou diferents espais (llibre del més, biblioteca, recensions...) per a introduir els més menuts en la lectura.
  • Revistes de literatura infantil i juvenil
    Espai que fa un repàs al panorama actual de la literatura infantil i juvenil en llengua catalana.
  • Literatura infantil i juvenil
    Pàgina literària de la Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya (XTEC), amb tot de recomanacions i consells per a triar el llibre adequat. Conté un extens catàleg format per més de setze mil títols de literatura infantil i juvenil.
  • Revistes de literatura infantil (1892-1931)
    Ressenya de les revistes en català més representatives del període 1892-1931.


  • Cavall Fort also offers el Tatano, intended for the youngest among readers. Also a bi-monthly publication, it offers a wide assortment of comics, stories and games.
  • We've already mentioned that you will find both interesting things to learn and lots of entertainment in Cavall Fort. There's even a cooking section, complete with recipes that will give you step-by-step information on how to wow your friends and family with a selection of tasty dishes.
  • During the era of Franco's dictatorship, Cavall Fort had to dodge censorship in any way it could, as did any other publication. It was not always successful, however. In 1964, for example, the cartoonist Cesc created a poster depicting the figure of a child who was trying to distract his father from reading the newspaper in order to show him a copy of the magazine. The image was titled with the Catalan headwords 'M'agrada Cavall Fort, És una de les revistes infantils millors d'Europa', which translates as I like Cavall Fort. It's one of the best children's magazines in Europe. However, after censorship, the headwords appeared only in Spanish, 'Me gusta Cavall Fort', and made no reference to Europe.


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Fes-te una idea de què va significar Cavall Fort per a la mainada i els joves dels anys seixanta i setanta del segle XX.
Engresca't a participar en el joc detectivesc 'El segrest del timbaler', ideat per a celebrar la publicació del número 1.000 de Cavall Fort, el març vinent.
Fes un cop d'ull al panorama actual de la literatura infantil i juvenil en llengua catalana.
A Cavall Fort, també hi pots trobar saboroses receptes culinàries. Fulleja, si no, l'espai 'A la cuina falta gent'.
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