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Johan Cruyff: from Amsterdam to Catalonia

From Ajax... Barça

The father of the 'Dream Team'

dimarts, 17 de novembre de 2009
Just over a week ago, the Catalan Football Federation presented Catalonia's new coach. The name: the Dutchman Johan Cruyff, one of the great legends of the football world.

The presentation took place at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona and was attended by well over 100 media organisations from home and abroad. Cruyff's appointment a few days previously had already been reported by prestigious international news organisations such as The New York Times and the BBC.

Cruyff said he was proud to have been appointed coach, adding that every match played by Catalonia should be a national holiday. Asked whether he would make an effort to speak Catalan, he replied that his Spanish, like his English and German, was not very good. His Dutch (his mother tongue) was a little better, but he did not want to do an injury to Catalan.

Cruyff will not be paid for coaching Catalonia. His contract involves the Catalan Football Federation collaborating with the Johan Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies and the Johan Cruyff Foundation, which runs sporting projects for disabled children.

From Ajax...

+ Cruyff won three consecutive European Cups with Ajax.
The association between Cruyff and Catalonia goes back to 1973, when he was signed by FC Barcelona. He arrived at the club after having won three consecutive European Cups (1971, 1972 and 1973) with Ajax of Amsterdam, his home city team. An elegant, intelligent and technically excellent player, Cruyff was three times named European Footballer of the Year (1971, 1973 and 1974), a tally that has not been bettered by any other player. Barça

+ The arrival of Cruyff at Barça helped the team win the League.
The arrival of Cruyff at Barça helped the team win the League in 1973-1974, after a 14-year wait. That was the year that Barça beat its eternal rival Madrid 5-0 at an away game in one of the most memorable matches in Barça's history. Cruyff left Barça in 1978, not long after having won the Cup.

The father of the 'Dream Team'

+ With Cruyff in charge, Barça won the first European Cup.
He went back to FC Barcelona 10 years later, that time as coach. With Cruyff in charge, Barça won, amongst others, four consecutive League titles, one Cup and the coveted European Cup (now the Champions League), the first time the club had won that particular trophy (1992). The winning side has gone down in history as the 'Dream Team' for their spectacular open style of play, admired throughout the world. Cruyff coached Barça for eight years, until 1996, during the most brilliant period in the club's history.



  • The 'brain' of Cruyff's 'Dream Team' was a young midfielder from Santpedor (Bages), Josep Guardiola, today the FC Barcelona coach.
  • Cruyff will make his first appearance as Catalan coach on 22 December in a match at the Camp Nou against Argentina, coached by another of the best footballers in history: Diego Armando Maradona.


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