Vicent Partal


Twenty reasons why I am independentist

1. I am independentist because in the world in which we live, the truth is that having a state is a guarantee and a huge advantage from every way you look at it. And not having one is the contrary. This truth cannot be overlooked.

2. I am independentist because in this particular moment of our history, being independentist is the most sensible and prudent option. "Autonomy" has proved a failure, which is obvious for everyone to see.

3. I am independentist because I want to participate in the rest of the world. I want to have a voice and a vote where it is decided who we are. And every day more and more decisions are made outside of the state framework, where if you are not a state, you are nothing.

4. I am independentist because I believe that a nation is the people that create it. People who can decide at whatever moment what we want without anyone else putting obstacles in our way.

5. I am independentist because I believe that right now it's harder to fix the very meager Spanish democracy than to design a new republic from scratch, with proper electoral laws, an independent judiciary, checks and balances to protect against abuses of power, and social justice for everyone.

6. I am independentist because in today's world, the countries that work the best are the small ones. With much more participatory democracy, with more equity and responsibility, with more plurality.

7. I am independentist because I believe that my country, this one, is as good or bad as any other. I don't consider myself to be superior, nor inferior, to anyone.

8. I am independentist because I believe that it is my responsibility to the world to conserve and support my language and my culture; it is my way of contributing to humanity. And I can't do it without a state.

9. I am independentist because I believe that the Principality [the current Autonomous region of Catalonia] has the responsiblity of helping the rest of the country, beginning with my Valencian Country. And a Catalan State will make us all stronger.

10. I am independentist because I believe that this is a profoundly unjust world. And to fix it I believe that everyone has to fix at least our own part.

11. I am independentist because I believe that, if we make the rules in our own house, we can organize our resources more efficiently and avoid having a part of our community be marginalized, economically strangled, and socially powerless.

12. I am independentist because I don't want to listen to any more excuses about why we don't have a better country. I don't want to cry or complain, or blame anyone else. I want to be responsible for what I do and personally answer for what I don't do well.

13. I am independentist because of every single thing that has happened to me in the course of my lifetime.

14. I am independentist because I don't see any reason not to be. The other proposals have failed and it is obvious that they cannot work. Why should I keep banging my head against the wall?

15. I am independentist because [these days] I look at people, in their eyes, and see the contagious happiness. Can't you see how we're all smiling in the midst of this crisis?

16. I am independentist because it's time. Because it's been 300 years since we've resisted, since Almansa. Because we have suffered enough. Because too many people have left this world dreaming that this day would come and I owe it to them.

17. I am independentist because this society needs a catharsis. A powerful sweeping that cleans out the interests, corruption, thieves, and players. A regime change.

18. I am independentist because, if we really do it, we'll finally have achieved a break with the past. That break with the Francoist regime that we demanded in the streets at the end of the 70's, and that some forgot so quickly.

19. I am independentist because I want a country full of diverse colors, cultures, religions, and languages. A land where no one asks where you're from, but only if you want to live with us.

20. But, above all, I am independentist, because I want to be.

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