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Vancouver 2010

Not too cold

Olympic winter sports

Barcelona 2022?

dimarts, 9 de febrer de 2010
Friday 12 February sees the start of the Winter Olympics, the main international event for winter sports, in Vancouver (Canada). The games will last 17 days, until 28 February.

The Vancouver games will be the 21st Winter Olympics. Like the Summer Olympics, this sporting event is held every four years and the first took place in Chamonix (France) in 1924, over 80 years ago.

Over 2,700 athletes from more than 80 countries will take part in the Vancouver games to battle it out for the coveted gold, silver and bronze medals in 15 different sporting events.

The games will be covered by 10,000 media organisations and will attract an estimated 3 billion viewers.

The opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, a covered venue with room for 55,000 spectators.

Not too cold

+ Vancouver is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
Vancouver is situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It has half a million inhabitants and is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, which is the westernmost of Canada's ten provinces. It has one of the most temperate climates in Canada and this year has not been at all cold. In fact, the weather has been so mild that the organisers have had to transport snow by lorry and helicopter to Cypress Mountain, one of the venues for the Olympics, located some 30 km from the city. Events will also be held at the Whistler ski resort, which is 125 km north of Vancouver.

Olympic winter sports

+ Ice hockey is an Olympic winter sport.
The International Olympic Committee recognises seven Olympic winter sports: skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, luge and skating. Some of the sports comprise a number of disciplines. Skiing, for example, has six: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined (cross-country racing and jumps) and snowboarding, which involves moving over the snow on a board. The total of 15 disciplines at Vancouver will be spread over Vancouver, Cypress Mountain and Whistler.

Barcelona 2022?

+ Barcelona hosted the 1992 summer games.
In mid-January, Jordi Hereu, the mayor of Barcelona, announced the Catalan capital's surprise bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, together with the Pyrenees. Zaragoza-Jaca will be one of the rivals to Barcelona-Pyrenees. If Barcelona ends up winning (something that will not be known until October 2015), it will be the first city to organise both winter and summer games (it hosted the 1992 summer games)… that is unless Munich (the capital of Bavaria), which hosted the 1972 summer games, is awarded the 2018 Winter Olympics.


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  • Vancouver is approximately 30 km from Canada's border with the United States.
  • From 12 to 21 March, the Canadian city will host the 10th Paralympic Winter Games for competitors with disabilities.


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