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Lleida Airport: ready


In keeping with its surroundings

From Lleida to the Pyrenees

dimarts, 12 de gener de 2010
Lleida Airport (Lleida-Alguaire Airport) will be officially opened on Sunday 17 January. The airport is the first to be developed and built by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. José Montilla, the President of the Autonomous Government, will be onboard the inaugural flight, which will land at Alguaire from Barcelona.

The airport joins three others in Catalonia: those in Barcelona, Girona and Reus. (In Northern Catalonia there is also Perpinyà Airport.)

The Autonomous Government's National Infrastructure Agreement, signed just a few months ago, includes plans to construct two further airports in the future: Pyrenees-Andorra (at Seu d'Urgell) and another in the Terres de l'Ebre region, the exact location of which is, as yet, undecided.

The airport at Lleida is intended to stimulate the local economy, boost tourism and make it easier for those living in the area to travel to other cities, both in this country and abroad. Within ten years, approximately 400,000 passengers are expected to be using the airport each year. The airport is also expected to handle some 3,500 tonnes of freight transport per year.
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+ The airport is located on the Alguaire plain, some 15 kilometres from Lleida.
Located on the Alguaire plain, some 15 kilometres from Lleida (the capital of Segrià), Lleida-Alguaire Airport has a capacity of 14 flights an hour. The runway is 61 metres wide and 2.5 kilometres long. Such dimensions mean the airport can accommodate aircraft such as the Airbus 320 and 321, and the Boeing 737, which have capacity for between 150 and 200 passengers. The terminal car park has 125 spaces and the total cost of the airport has been in excess of €95 million.

In keeping with its surroundings

+ Lleida Airport was designed by the b720 architects group.
Lleida Airport covers an area of 3,742 m2 and features a 7-storey, 41-metre-high control tower designed by a team of architects from b720, led by Fermín Vázquez. The control tower is integrated with the terminal building and other buildings. The roof, which has a layer of plants combined with wood and metal strips, confers the building with a sense of visual unity. The ochre, green and yellow tones used in the building help it fit in with the surrounding countryside, which is largely agricultural land.

From Lleida to the Pyrenees

+ The airport is intended to facilitate travel to the Pyrenees.
As we said earlier, the airport is intended to boost tourism and commerce in Lleida, Segrià and the surrounding area. It is also intended to facilitate travel to the Pyrenees, a mountain range that combines natural and cultural attractions. An example is the group of Romanesque churches in the Vall de Boí (designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites). This valley is enclosed by 3,000-metre-high summits and dotted with lovely villages that have something of a medieval feel to them. The aim is to make the airport the main air infrastructure facility for the Pyrenees region, which covers Catalonia, Aragon and Occitania.



  • Lleida Airport was designed by the b720 architects group, which designed Torre Agbar in Barcelona in collaboration with the French architect Jean Nouvel.
  • The list of Europe's 15 leading airports in terms of traffic includes two in the Catalan Countries: Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, in 9th and 13th places, respectively.


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