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The top ten Internet moments

From Wikipedia to Google

Online videos, Facebook and iPhone

From Barack Obama to Twitter

dimarts, 24 de novembre de 2009
The Internet has completely revolutionised the way we communicate and relate to each other. This fact has been highly evident during the last ten years, when the number of web users has grown continuously.

However, what have been the great events over the history of the Internet? What have been the major milestones?

The answer has recently come from the Webby Awards. Given by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the Webby Awards recognise excellence on the Internet. They are, shall we say, the Oscars of the web. The last awards (the thirteenth) took place in May this year.

The people responsible for the awards have now published a list of the ten most influential Internet moments of the decade, from 2000 until now.

From Wikipedia to Google

+ Google IPO is on Webby's list.
This select list includes the founding, in 2001, of Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia written by volunteers from all over the world. Today, Wikipedia has over 14 million articles in more than 270 languages. Three years later, in 2004, Google was listed on the stock market. The IPO, which is also on Webby's list, paved the way for Google to end up as the most influential Internet company of the last ten years (according to the Webby Awards website).

Online videos, Facebook and iPhone

+ Apple launched its iPhone in 2007.
Google owns the home video portal YouTube, one of the key players in the 2006 online video revolution. In the same year, Facebook, the social networking website, was no longer limited to college students and opened itself up to the whole world. The following year (2007) the IT company Apple launched its iPhone, a revolutionary mobile telephone with a multi-touch screen and Internet connection. All three events appear on the Webby Awards list.

From Barack Obama to Twitter

+ Obama's team made the most of the web's potential to mobilise people and raise money.
The list also includes two political events: the US election campaign in 2008, when Barack Obama's team made the most of the web's potential to mobilise people and raise money; and the protests organised by the Iranian opposition (led by young people), via the microblogging service Twitter, that followed the controversial presidential elections in Iran this year.



  • The Webby Awards list should not lead us to think that the Internet is only ten years old. In fact, it was nearly 20 years ago that the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web.
  • Berners-Lee's invention led to the Internet becoming hugely popular. Until then, it had been restricted to scientific circles.


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