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The Smurfs Turn Fifty


…and Individual

The Villain Gargamel

dimarts, 21 d'octubre de 2008
They are tiny, have blue skin and wear white caps and matching trousers. They are the famous Smurfs, created by Brussels-born Pierre Culliford, better known as Peyo, and they will celebrate their 50th anniversary the day after tomorrow.

The Smurfs first appeared in the Belgian magazine Spirou on 23rd October 1958 in a Johan and Peewit (in Catalan, 'Jan i Trencapins') comic-strip adventure. To start with, the Smurfs were supporting characters, although it did not take long for them to star in their own story.

The Smurfs became a worldwide phenomenon in the 1980s, when the US animation studio Hanna-Barbera made them the stars of one of its cartoon series, making more than 250 episodes that are still broadcast in some 30 countries today.

This year, thousands of Smurf figures have paid visits to well over a dozen European cities in one of the most popular events being held to celebrate the golden anniversary. Another part of the anniversary celebrations centres around an exhibition at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels.

The day after tomorrow will also see an auction of 15 Smurfs created by top European celebrities. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to UNICEF, the United Nations organisation that works for children's rights.


+ All the Smurfs share the same diminutive height.
The Smurfs live in a village of mushroom-shaped houses in a lost forest. Hard-workers, they do not grow much and, consequently, all share the same diminutive height - equivalent to 'three apples tall'. They are, therefore, fragile characters who are not particularly intelligent. But that is of no consequence because the solidarity between them, and the work they do together, enables them to avoid the dangers that beset them.

…and Individual

+ The Smurfs live in a village of mushroom-shaped houses.
They may all look the same, but their different characters and roles tell them apart. For example, we have Brainy Smurf, the only one that all the other Smurfs take seriously; Poet Smurf, who seeks inspiration in the beautiful Smurfette; Handy Smurf, the most ingenious Smurf; Lazy Smurf (also known as Sleepy), able to sleep in the most unwelcoming spots; and Jokey Smurf, who's always planning what he's going to do next... The leader of the Smurfs is Papa Smurf, with a thick white beard and red cap, who is sensible, experienced and an expert alchemist.

The Villain Gargamel

+ The dark side of the stories comes in the form of Gargamel.
The dark side of the stories comes in the form of Gargamel, a wicked sorcerer who lives in a hovel in the middle of the wood and does everything in his power to capture the Smurfs. But because he is something of a blockhead, he never manages it and he takes out his frustrations on his cat Azrael, who follows him everywhere. Gargamel created Smurfette to generate conflict between the Smurfs but Papa Smurf was able to turn her into a charming Smurf who is the love interest of the other Smurfs.


  • The Smurfs
    Pàgina oficial dels barrufets, amb informació dels actes del cinquantè aniversari, fets i per fer. En cinc llengües.
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    Pàgina del Club Super3. Galeria fotogràfica i personatges.
  • The Smurfs
  • Smurf for All, All for Smurf
    Exposició oferta pel Centre Belga de la Historieta Il·lustrada, amb seu a Brussel·les. Fins el 16 de novembre.


  • Earlier this year Sony acquired the cinematic rights to the Smurfs. An animated, three-dimensional film is due for release, although no date has yet been set.
  • The Smurfs' language is very peculiar, especially because they only use one verb: to smurf.
  • The Smurfs have been translated into Catalan by the grammarian and writer Albert Jané Riera, editor of the children and youth magazine Cavall Fort from 1979-1997.


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