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Sant Gervasi, Gràcia...

...and the Heart of Barcelona

Other Literary Tours

dimarts, 30 de setembre de 2008
This year is Rodoreda Year, a commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Mercè Rodoreda Gurguí (1908-1983), one of the best writers of contemporary Catalan literature.

The event, which began last November, includes a wide range of activities. This week sees the start of one of the highlights: the International Mercè Rodoreda Congress (1-4 October), which will bring together specialists and scholars from here and abroad.

But it's not the congress we're going to talk about here but, rather, another event: the literary tours that take in locations linked to the life of Rodoreda, as well as settings associated with some of her most popular novels such as 'Aloma', 'La Plaça del Diamant' (published as 'Time of the Doves' in English), 'El carrer de les Camèlies' ('Camelia Street'), and 'Mirall trencat' ('Broken Mirror').

We are specifically talking about three literary tours which have been organised in Barcelona by the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation and Itinera Plus. They start on Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm, although tours for schools are also being organised during on weekdays.

Below, we give a broad outline of each of the three tours, 'Sant Gervasi and Childhood Gardens', 'War, Exile and Post-War: the Plaça del Diamant and Witnesses of the Tragedy' and 'Deciphering Rodoreda: the Mark of a Universal Writer on the Heart of Literary Barcelona'.

Sant Gervasi, Gràcia...

+ Mercè Rodoreda (1948).
The first tour is in Sant Gervasi, the neighbourhood where Mercè Rodoreda was born and grew up. The tour, which concludes at Plaça Molina, stops by the house where the novelist was born and at Monterols Park, where we can recall Rodoreda's love for flowers, a passion that is evident in her books. The second tour takes us along the narrow streets of Gràcia, home of Natàlia, the innocent Colometa in 'La plaça del Diamant'. The tour also includes a visit to the air-raid shelter in Plaça de la Revolució, which reminds visitors of when Barcelona was bombed during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

...and the Heart of Barcelona

+ The third tour is in Barcelona's historic centre.
The third tour, in Barcelona's historic centre, includes locations associated with Rodoreda's literary output. It takes in two places of key intellectual importance: the Institute of Catalan Studies, which focuses on researching issues that help shape Catalan culture, and Ateneu Barcelonès, a historic meeting point for writers, artists and lovers of culture. The tour also stops at the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation, which offers visitors the opportunity to view part of the writer's personal archive.

Other Literary Tours

+ The Josep Pla Tour was designed in 1993.
Apart from the Mercè Rodoreda tours, there are a number of others that following in the footsteps of famous Catalan writers: Josep Pla, at Palafrugell (Baix Empordà); Salvador Espriu, at Arenys de Mar (Maresme); and Jacint Verdaguer, at Folgueroles (birthplace of the poet) and other parts of Plana de Vic (Osona). Also worthy of mention is the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi Literary Heritage Network, which includes a number of different tours that explore the association of a good dozen writers with that particular part of Barcelona.


  • Rutes Any Rodoreda 2008
    Pàgina d'Itinera Plus, amb un breu apunt de les tres rutes proposades. Organitzades per aquesta empresa i per la Fundació Mercè Rodoreda.
  • Any Rodoreda
    Iniciativa de la Fundació Mercè Rodoreda (Institut d'Estudis Catalans), de la Institució de les Lletres Catalanes i de l'Institut Ramon Llull. Programa d'actes.
  • La plaça del Diamant
    Proposta de lectura de l'Edu365.
  • Mercè Rodoreda. Joc de Miralls
    Exposició virtual, commemorativa del centenari de Rodoreda. A Lletra, espai de literatura catalana de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).


  • The Rodoreda Tours in Barcelona bring visitors close to some of the most characteristic features of her work such as female protagonism, love and war, and the symbolic importance of flowers…
  • The Mercè Rodoreda Sant Gervasi tour includes a visit to the Joan Maragall House Museum Archive, yet another writer with very strong links to Barcelona.
  • The final tour, through the heart of Barcelona, concludes with a visit to the Mercè Rodoreda Gardens, with plants and flowers mentioned in her novels.


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'Caminar Rodoreda': apunt sobre la ruta de l'escriptora per Sant Gervasi.
Auca de Mercè Rodoreda.
Mentre llegeixes 'La plaça del Diamant'.
Vol virtual: un viatge pels espais simbòlics de la literatura catalana.
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