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Zoos: A Topic for Debate

Bioparc Valencia

Zoos: Yes or No?

Zoos in the 21st Century

dimarts, 4 de març de 2008
The city of Valencia has just seen the opening of its new zoo, Bioparc Valencia, home to 4,000 animals. The 250 species from Africa are spread over an area covering 100,000 m². Within the grounds of Capçalera Park, Bioparc Valencia is based on the 'immersion' idea of zoo design, which aims to recreate animals' natural habitats so accurately that visitors have the impression they are actually there.

Indeed, integrating animals, plants and landscape was the idea behind Bioparc Valencia. To this end, the areas set aside for animals and those intended for visitors are separated by camouflaged fences.

As part of the idea of being an immersion zoo, Bioparc Valencia offers visitors a fun and entertaining experience, but also one that includes a commitment to the conservation of species, to education and to the environment. Nevertheless, on 27 February, the day the zoo opened, a group of demonstrators gathered at the entrance to protest against the new zoo (and against zoos in general).

It took three years and €60 million to build the zoo, which was constructed by Rain Forest. Entrance is €20, and the annual pass costs €40 (€30 for children between four and twelve).

Bioparc Valencia

+ Bioparc Valencia recreates three different areas.
Bioparc Valencia recreates three different areas: the African savannah, Equatorial Africa and the island of Madagascar, with original vegetation (trees, field grasses, etc.) and reproductions including rocks and caves. The zoo is full of all manner of animals: zebras, giraffes, exotic birds, lions, elephants, gorillas, forest buffalo, pygmy hippopotamuses and lemurs. Visitors can even see a group of white rhinoceros brought together to mate. The zoo is planning to grow over the next few years with new areas dedicated to flora and fauna from South-East Asia and South America.

Zoos: Yes or No?

+ Some conservationists are against the existence of zoos and aquaria.
As we said earlier, some conservationists are against the existence of zoos and aquaria, viewing them as an expression of Man's domination over animals, which are kept in cages and denied their freedom. Taking another standpoint are those who accept the reality of zoos but who demand they comply with the law and, more specifically, with the guidelines laid down by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Not all zoos comply with WAZA's guidelines, as the conclusions of a study covering eight Spanish State zoos undertaken in 2006 for the alliance in defence of animals InfoZoos showed.

Zoos in the 21st Century

+ Logo for the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
The guidelines set down by WAZA which all zoos should comply with in order to adapt themselves to modern times were included in the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy. Amongst other things, the report published in 2006 advocates that zoos promote conservation (in particular, of endangered species), make a commitment to scientific research, promote educational activities, and ensure the highest animal welfare standards.



  • Located in the Ciutadella Park, on a 13-hectare site, is Barcelona Zoo, with more than a hundred years of history behind it, having been founded in 1892.
  • The word 'zoo' derives from the Greek 'zoion', meaning 'animal'.
  • According to the World Conservation Union, there are more than 1,500 zoos in the world.


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