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World Mobile Congress

World Mobile Congress
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    • Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a nation of 7 million people with a per capita GDP that rivals that of countries such as Finland or the United Kingdom. Catalonia has its own language, culture and history, which have existed since the Xth century. Though Catalonia is currently part of Spain, today a wide majority of Catalans are in favor of holding a referendum to decide if Catalonia should become a new state in Europe. This would be similar to the referendum that took place in Quebec or the one scheduled to be held in Scotland. However, unlike the British and Canadian governments, the Spanish government does not respect this right to decide and does not want to allow us to hold a referendum on this issue.

      Catalans spoke out democratically in favor of the right to decide our own political future in the biggest rallies Barcelona has ever seen. Furthermore, our last elections to the Catalan Parliament, held in November 2012, served as a powerful expression of our common will; now a wide majority of the chamber is working to organize a referendum.

      Upon returning to your countries, we would appreciate if you would share our situation with the people around you.

      Thank you.

      Omnium Cultural is an independent association with over 32,000 members. Its main aims are to defend and promote the Catalan language, culture and social cohesion.  

      VilaWeb is the leading Barcelona's online newspaper with 800.000 unique users (Nielsen Audit)

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