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Dimarts  29.07.2014  10:12

Autor/s: Vicent Partal

'The resistence is life for Kurdish people'

Interview with Saleh M. Mohamed, leader of the Kurds in Syria


Saleh M. Mohamed is the main leader of Kurdish people in Syria. He directs the Democratic Union Party and he was one of the coordinators of the democratic forces in Syria. Mohamed is a chemistry graduate in Istambul and he was born in the region of Aleppo, in Syria, but he is Kurd. When he speaks he tries not to forget his identity and he always remembers that there are four Kurdish areas: Turkey, Iran, Irak and Syria, 'and we are all brothers'. He speaks very quietly and discreetly avoids personal issues. He has been many times in prisions of the regime and now it is less than a year, on October, that he watched one of his sons die, defending a Kurdish village. 'The resistence is life', he says.

In spite of the current situation in Rojava, which is 'people defending themselves in hard combats', Mohamed explains that Kurdish people have a natural democracy. 'The communities in our area, Kurdish, Syriacs and Arabs have been living together for hundreds of years, and this is an opportunity, especially in Rojava, to move together'. Comparing the conflicts in Syria and in Gaza, he says that 'it is the same brutal war', and he points out that 'one case shouldn’t cover the other case' because 'the methods used by Israel are the same used in Rojava'. He also criticizes that 'the international community is not paying attention on what is going on in Syria'.