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Dijous  17.07.2014  15:08

Autor/s: Josep Casulleras Nualart

The ANC and Òmnium want to convince a half million voters to vote Yes-Yes

Today, they launched the "Ara és l'hora" [It's time] campaign that will mobilize 100,000 volunteers


"Ara és l'hora" [It's time] is the slogan for the ANC and Òmnium Cultural's mobilization campaign launched today so that the November 9th referendum can be celebrated, and won. The high point of the mobilization will be the creation of a giant letter V on September 11th in Barcelona (see details here), where both groups will call for the "largest demonstration in the history of Catalonia". "The objective is not only to vote, but also to win. We have to guarantee that since we're going to vote, that we also win. For that reason, we need to add 500,000 additional Yes-Yes voters," explained the campaign coordinator, Oriol Solé.

Solé said that the 500,000 voters that wouldn't vote Yes-Yes today are undecided voters, people who might abstain, or people currently considering a Yes-No vote.

To carry out the campaign, the ANC and Òmnium anticipate mobilizing 100,000 volunteers, that will collaborate in all sorts of tasks during the two months between Catalonia's National Day on September 11th and the referendum on November 9th. The organizations have contracted Blue State Digital, who worked on the electoral campaigns of Barack Obama and Dilma Roussef to help with the communications campaign.

The message that Òmnium and the ANC want to get across is that it's not just a question of asking for permission to vote—a demand which enjoys broad support among the Catalan people—but also to win the vote on November 9th and that the Yes-Yes vote gets a huge majority, according to Solé.

Carme Forcadell, the president of the ANC, does not foresee the possibility that there will not be a vote on November 9th on independence. "We will vote and we will win on November 9th," she said. And about the upcoming meeting between Catalan President Mas and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy she just said that it's always good when there is dialogue.

The president of Òmnium, Muriel Casals, underscored Forcadell's words and added, "We know that President Mas has a clear mandate from the people of Catalonia to hold a referendum on November 9th. And now we will see what movements will come from the Spanish side."