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Dijous  17.07.2014  14:36

Autor/s: Josep Casulleras Nualart

It’s time: all of the details on September 11th's V Day

The Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium Cultural introduce the campaign to mobilize the Catalan people for the November 9th referendum


The Catalan National Assembly (Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural presented their "Ara és l'hora [It’s time]" campaign, which features a massive mobilization in order to create a giant letter V—for Votar (Vote), for Via (Way), for Voluntat (Will), and for Victòria (Victory)— on September 11, by filling two huge boulevards in Barcelona, the Gran Via and the Diagonal, with demonstrators in favor of the independence of Catalonia. The V, the Catalan Way of 2014, will begin at 17:14. The 2014 Catalan Way V will begin on one side from the Plaça Pius XII and on the other from Plaça Ildefons Cerdà. The entire path of the demonstration will be divided into segments, which will meet in the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. The demonstration will cover 11 kilometers (6.8 miles).


The campaign has created a website where people can sign up to participate. To sign up, participants have to fill in the form, choose a specific segment, and confirm their choice through email within twenty-four hours to validate the inscription. Up to five people can sign up with the same email. There are two options for larger groups: either sign up in smaller groups of five or get in touch with the closest local chapter of the ANC in order to sign up all together.

Each individual can choose among the segments offered according to their place of residence, in order to make it easy to get to the right segment, and distribute people throughout the demonstration.

Throughout the morning of September 11, Catalonia's National Day, there will be demonstrations in front of each of the 947 municipalities in Catalonia. Organizations will sign a commitment to holding the referendum.

At 17:14 (5:!4pm) the huge letter V will be formed.

At 19:00 (7pm), there will be a big concert in Barcelona.

At 20:14 (8:14pm), there will be a massive Tweet throughout social media to tell the world that on November 9th, the Catalan people will decide its future.

They are a key element of the V demonstration. In contrast with last year, the t-shirt will come in two colors: red and yellow, in order to form a huge Catalan flag out of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. The shirts will cost 15 euros. They can be purchased online from VilaWeb starting on Monday.

To guarantee people's ability to move around, the Ara és l'hora [It’s time] web site will publish instructions and recommendations to time the arrival of participants and distribute them evenly along the length of the demonstration. The ANC recommends signing up through the closest local chapter. That way, participants can sign up for buses and share the trip to Barcelona.

The Plaça de les Glòries, under construction
One of the doubts with respect to the huge letter V is the fact that the vertex, in the Placa de les Glòries, is under construction. The coordinator of the V, Ignasi Termes, explained that the ANC has spoken with the Barcelona City Government which said that the construction will not be completed by September, but that the area in which the two avenues that form the vertex of the V will be clear.

First video of the campaign
The ANC and Òmnium Cultural have published the first video of the campaign toward the November 9th referendum. It's a call to mobilize in favor of the November 9th referendum, and also in favor of a Yes-Yes vote: "Because we're not the history that they write about us, we're the history that we write ourselves. And now we don't just want to vote. Now, we want to win."