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Alfred Bosch: I'd rather build in Barcelona than resist in Madrid

Interview on #CatalanTalk with Esquerra Republican MP in Spanish Congress who now has decided to run for Mayor of Barcelona


The Catalan Republican Left's spokesperson in the Spanish Congress, Alfred Bosch, explained in the #CatalanTalk Twitter interview that he mentioned the possibliity of an independent Catalonia sharing a king with Spain to the king himself. When asked: 'If soon-to-be King Felipe offered Catalonia independence under his reign, would you be in favor?'. Bosch replied: "I actually mentioned the possibility personally to JuanCarlos. He smiled back." Nevertheless, Bosch no longer sees it as an option.

Actually, this option, that a Catalan State share the king figurehead with Spain, was also suggested by the General Council of Judicial Power to Judge Santiago Vidal several weeks ago. Vidal explained that they had asked him if an independent Catalonia would accept the King of Spain as their own "like Scotland will do". 

'I prefer building in Barcelona than resisting in Madrid'

In the #CatalanTalk interview, Alfred Bosch explained that he had decided to seek the Esquerra candidacy for Mayor of Barcelona because he'd rather be "building in Barcelona than resisting in Madrid. He also said that the party would hold primaries, among "members and followers" to decide on who will be the candidate, though he also remarked that "It's a long way to Tipperary. Elections are in May, 2015.

This morning. in a press conference accompanied by ERC president Oriol Junqueras, the ERC councilor for the Barcelona city government, Jordi Portabella, announced that he will not run again as candidate for the municipal elections. Bosch said: 'My deeply felt homage to @JordiPortabella' and his work for 15 years in Barcelona city council".

On the other hand, Bosch had proposed yesterday to Oriol Amorós, who has not yet announced his own candidacy for the primaries, to run together, with Amorós second on the list. But Amorós said that he didn't think Bosch was the proper candidate because he wouldn't be able to dedicate all his time exclusively to the city.

You can read the full interview here. It is also available in Catalan, Spanish, French, and German.