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Dijous  01.05.2014  08:46

New blow to linguistic immersion system from Supreme Court

Spain's Supreme Court backs the Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia and says that Spanish must be used as a language of instruction in classrooms in which the student demands it


The Supreme Court has once again backed a family that asked that their child be schooled with Spanish as the language of instruction. In this way, it affirms the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) which ordered in January of last year that the system adapt itself to the whole class (or educational unit) of which the student in question is a part. This affects "both the student and his classmates," wrote the TSJC in the ruling.

Therefore, the Supreme Court rejects the appeal of the Generalitat against the TSJC ruling from last January, which backed the plaintiff family, consistent with the ruling of the Constitutional Court of 2010 on Catalonia's Statute of Autonomy which established Spanish as a language of instruction together with Catalan.

The TSJC ruled that children not be attended to individually or separate from the rest of the classroom, and conceded as a temporary option that the Generalitat adopt the appropriate concrete measures for them to be attended to in Spanish while the case is being resolved, keeping in mind the various relevant judicial rulings. Nevertheless, it left the decision up to the Ministry of Education as to the proportion of the two languages that should be used.