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Dilluns  28.04.2014  10:32

Ten experts are working on a Constitution for the Catalan Republic

Confirmed by Judge Santi Vidal, the group's spokesperson · He says it's not an official assignment


Judge Santi Vidal confirmed today in an interview with Matí de Catalunya that he forms part of a work group that at this time is working on a preliminary draft of a constitution for a future Catalan republic. Vidal explained that this draft is a private initiative of the group, thereby clearing up misinformation published yesterday by the daily El Mundo, in which it was said that the draft was a project initiated by some members of parliament. "We are not working for any official in the Generalitat or in the Parliament; there are a few members of Parliament from parties like CiU, ERC, CUP and ICV, as well as groups like the ANC, Catalunya Sí, and Procés Constituent who are aware of the project and we hope that they will approve of it when we show it to them."

Vidal explained that in the working group there are active judges, university professors and lawyers specialized in constitutional law. "We are writing an entire Constitution, we've divvied up the text, I'm in charge of the chapter related to judicial power," he said, noting that it will be a short document with less than one hundred articles.