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Dimarts  25.02.2014  23:36

Mobile World Congress visitors give their opinions on Catalan independence

VilaWeb interviewed 16 people from 15 different countries.


We strolled through the exhibition halls and asked attendees from different countries first if they were familiar with the desire of our country for independence and second, what they thought about the Spanish government prohibiting the referendum

Exactly a year ago, we walked through the Mobile World Congress and we asked a few visitors from different countries what they knew about Catalonia and its national aspirations (video here). But over the past twelve months, many things have happened, including the Catalan Way, the decision on the date and question for the referendum, etc. This year, we decided to go back to the MWC exhibition halls to ask the visitors from this year just what they know about the whole situation and what they think about the fact that the Spanish government is prohibiting us from voting.

While last year there were some visitors who thought that Catalonia was just a metro stop, or a sponsor of the exhibition, this year, all of those interviewed knew what Catalonia was and were even familiar—in some shape and form—with the desire of many Catalans to have their own state.

The interviewees all have diverse opinions about the virtues of an independent Catalonia but, except for the only Spaniard who was interviewed, all of them believe that Catalans have the right to vote on their future and none can understand why the Spanish government wants to prohibit the referendum.