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Dimecres  05.02.2014  00:49

Jordi Calvís: If you can empathize, and share fundamental ideas with client, everything flows

#CatalanTalk interview with the graphic designer from Can Antaviana, known for his work for the Catalan National Assembly, and viral political cartoons, card collections, and infographics


Jordi Calvís, the graphic designer from the 'Far West' of Catalonia responsible for the logo for the Catalan Way, the poster for the Concert for Freedom at Camp Nou, among many other independence-related projects, spoke with #CatalanTalk on Twitter on Tuesday.

He said that one of the most important things for capturing the essence of a project was 'empathizing' with the person who contracts you, and if you 'share fundamental ideas' the work just flows.

Calvís also talked about the "Here we say 'popes'" campaign, aimed to encouraging people from his part of Catalonia to keep using the local word for 'breasts' and not the word used in central Catalonia. Losing 'popes' would be a catastrophe, wrote Calvís, "Out here, if we lose ‘popes’, we lose everything."

You can read the Storify version of the interview in English here. Or visit CatalanTalk.com to read the Spanish, Catalan, German versions (with Italian, Dutch, and French to follow).