Lying for Unity


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How Spain uses Fake News and disinformation to bock Catalonia’s independence.

Michael Strubell

Cookwood Press, 2021

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In this well documented 273-page book with over 400 references, the author argues that the Catalan independence movement has been attacked by the Spanish authorities using, among other strategies, disinformation, manipulation and accusations of indoctrination. It exposes the insistent attempts by the Spanish authorities to engage in large-scale disinformation as one of its strategies, along with endless threats and lawfare, to try to discredit, decapitate and counter what is, in fact, an entirely peaceful, democratic movement.After a Preface by Professor Henry Ettinghausen, the book consists of a short Introduction followed by seven chapters and a short list of conclusions. The chapters are “Fake news is not new. It goes well back in history”, “Fake News and Russian influence, a concern in Europe and beyond”, “The Catalan independence process and Spain’s foreign policy”, “The Catalan independence process: a “breeding-ground” for falsehoods, manipulation, fake news… and unrelenting lawfare”, “Claims of Russian involvement in the Catalan independence process”, “The Covid-19 pandemic, democratic values, and disinformation”, and “The Covid-19 pandemic: a new excuse to hammer the Catalan independence process”.

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